Hold on to Peace - Image courtesy Ira Mitchell-Kirk

Hold on to Peace - Image courtesy Ira Mitchell-Kirk

Thursday, 25 March 2010

An Interesting Point

An email this morning asked the question "When has there ever before been a group of 42 New Zealand artists exhibiting together in another country?" I doubt that there has been, I can't think of any other. (We are at 41, last count).

Isn't it exciting, how a common theme can unite and inspire us?

This exhibition is a little different from most curated exhibitions, as the entry qualification was that artists be exhibiting artists with a link to the war in Italy or with a demonstrated passion for working as peace advocates. First preference was given to artists with a connection to the Battle of Cassino.

Many of the works will be about remembrance, but much of it is also about peace. In my email in-box last night was another artist's statement, and she chose to write about what peace means to her and her family. I look forward to sharing it. When we write or paint about the things we know, we have experienced, or things we are passionate about, we do it so much better.

The diversity of the work coming to Italy is fantastic. Not only is this an exhibition for peace and commemoration, but will also be a showcase of the diversity of New Zealand art. That is the unexpected, delightful side of this exhibition. (It might just prove to be a challenge when I come to hang it all, but challenge is what makes life interesting!) I am really lookng forward to receiving the works here in Italy.

Thanks to the team of translators half the artist biographies have been translated into Italian already. We are well on our way...

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