Hold on to Peace - Image courtesy Ira Mitchell-Kirk

Hold on to Peace - Image courtesy Ira Mitchell-Kirk

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Legato on Tour: Roccasecca (FR)

Legato opens again this weekend, having the honour of being the first official exhibition in a new gallery in Roccasecca (FR).

Stone walls well over 500 years old provide a very different context for the works, giving them a chapel-like setting.

Viewers coming down the stairs encounter first the powerful and poignant watercolour portraits by Sarah Scott. The reception area hosts the smaller, more personal works by Eleanor Wright and Kay de Lautour, while Ann Fletcher's work hangs peacefully over the piano, inviting quiet contemplation. Also to the left of the stairwell is the exquisite mosaic bust by Janice Corbishley, resting on a marble surface in front of an antique mirror which shows it to full advantage.

In the main gallery works by Margaret Piggott are grouped to tell a story. Theresa Cashmore's three works form one unified entity, adding a powerful message as the lights catch the gold leaf text and lead the viewer in to the many layers of messages. Across from this Ira Mitchell's "A Hero at Peace" is strong yet gentle as it offers solace to the bereaved.

The tombstone works by Sally Blyth are lit by candles in an alcove, picking out the softly incadescent glow not visible under the gallery lights in Cassino.

Late arrivals join the exhibition: Susan McPhee's work is on display for the first time in Italy and the four heart-shaped poetry/collage works by Beate Minderjahn combine to occupy one alcove of the gallery.

Other exhibiting artists include Margherita Giampietri, Frances Rookes, Pamela Tapp, Lorraine Beattie, Angela Laby, Rachel Olsen, Stan Blanch, Merv Appleton, Jon Stevenson, Helen Moore, Kari Lindsay-Beale, Lisa-Jane Harvey, Cath Sheard, Gail Boyle, Jenny Bennett, Katherine Batchelor, Linda Dickens, Lisa Taylor-King and Susan Edge.

Legato will be open to the public from this weekend, and may be seen by appointment throughout the summer.

(Photographs are a preview only, with some of the work not fully in place in these pictures).


  1. this looks like an amazing setting.well done!

  2. well done Kay! This exhibition belongs to the old stone walls, belongs to the old, gone, stone walls of Cassino!

  3. GORGEOUS! Well done!

  4. The Cantina's new self has emerged, Congratulations Kay. Best Ann.

  5. Very much looking forward to seeing the exhibition! It looks amazing - well done.
    Lucy x