Hold on to Peace - Image courtesy Ira Mitchell-Kirk

Hold on to Peace - Image courtesy Ira Mitchell-Kirk

Sunday, 23 May 2010

A Different Approach to Colour

The moment you step into the room you register, either consciously or unconsciously, that this in an unusual exhibition in this part of Italy. The works are modern, colourful and diverse, despite being linked by a common theme. Although sombre and serious in message, they somehow combine to form a colourful and deceptively light-hearted show that has a distinctly New Zealand flavour.

Sculpture (below) "Siamo morti, per cosa?" by Dave Fowell.

The exhibition is up to version three, with fairly major changes in placement as new works arrive. All works get their day under the spotlight, but some of the earlier arrivals are now on display in the entrance foyer to make room for new arrivals under the lights. (The choice of being under the chandelier or under the exhibition lights is not a bad one, really!) These photographs are not in any particular order, nor do they show all the works on display.


  1. Diana Dunningham Chapotin4 June 2010 at 00:53

    I really enjoyed looking at these photos. Thanks to the person who took them. Would like to have seen a close-up shot of each and every work on display! (Not practical in the space available here, I'm sure. Sniff.) Anyway, bravo for the initiative and for all the work that went to making the exhibition a reality.

  2. Thankyou Diana. These are my own photographs. Re individual photos of the works, there will be an on-line catalogue later, and all works will be in this alongside the biographies of artists and, where they have been provided, the descriptions of the works.

    When (or as) this happens the link will be posted, so look for the beginning of this in a few weeks. For now, however, there are many loose ends to tie from the Cassino Legato alongside preparations for a slightly smaller exhibition in Frosinone and other towns later in the year.