Hold on to Peace - Image courtesy Ira Mitchell-Kirk

Hold on to Peace - Image courtesy Ira Mitchell-Kirk

Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Sense of Closure

McEwan Grave, Western Desert.

Oil on canvas, painted from the descriptions told to him by veteran soldier Watty McEwan. This painting has helped to bring a family member home, metaphorically, in the absence of wartime sketches or photographs.
Thanks to artist Merv Appleton for permission to share this work. The recipient, in his 90s, says that this has helped to bring some peace and a sense of closure to his terrible loss, after nearly 70 years of a daily sense of loneliness.

Other acts of closure are being made, with a work commissioned in New Zealand especially to be shown in Italy and then returned to the family (artist Sharlene Schmidt), and Margaret Piggott will be returning a portrait work to New Zealand after it has been shown in Italy, at the request of the owner, to honour a family member from the Maori Battalion.

Please see this previous post for more details.

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