Hold on to Peace - Image courtesy Ira Mitchell-Kirk

Hold on to Peace - Image courtesy Ira Mitchell-Kirk

Monday, 21 June 2010

Poppies for Remembrance

Artist Gail Boyle chose poppies as the theme of two of her works for Legato. The bright and clear images not only drew on the theme of remembrance but also gave messages of hope and life and added to the distinctly New Zealand presence in the venue.
Remembrance IRemembrance II

Gail Boyle

Nato ed educato ad Auckland, dipingere e' stata una mia passione fin dall'infanzia.

E' diventata poi una forma di meditazione, nel modo in cui mi immergo profondamente in forme, colori, luci e tessiture.

Trovo incoraggiante lavorare con varie tecniche e stili: al momento sto sperimentando gli acrilici, anche se la mia tecnica favorita rimarra' sempre la pittura ad olio.

Il mio lavoro si sviluppa con le esperienze di vita, permettendo ad ogni dipinto di conservare la freshezza e la spontaneita' del momento.

Sono stato molto fortunato nel ricevere una carriera di successo, ad avere i miei lavori in buona vista grazie alle pubblicazioni sul mercato internazionale.

Amo condividere la mia passione con gli altri, attraverso mostre ed insegnando arte, in Nuova Zelanda e all'estero.

La maggior parte dei miei lavori viene creata nel mio studio/galleria in Browns Bay. Le mie opere sono tenute in collezioni private, di Businesses e Governative.


Born and educated in Auckland, NZ, painting has been a passion since childhood. It becomes a form of meditation as I deeply immerse myself in all shape, form, colour, light and texture. I enjoy the challenge of working in a variety of mediums and styles, but my favourite remains - timeless Oils. I am now totally enjoying Acrylics. My work evolves with life’s experiences, enabling each painting to retain the freshness and spontaneity of the moment.

I have been richly blessed with success throughout my career, my works being well sought after for publication on the international market. I enjoy sharing my passion with others, via exhibitions and teaching art groups both throughout NZ and overseas.

The majority of my work is held in my home Studio/Gallery in Browns Bay. My paintings are held internationally in private, Corporate and Governmental collections.

Gail's "Faith, Freedom and Fun" provided a bright splash of colour above the deep blue chairs in the venue, and the abstract work allows the viewer to explore the free movement and mingling of the fresh, vibrant work which lifts the spirits and brightens the exhibition with its splash of colour.

It was very clear that this collection of work was from another culture, and colour was one of the aspects that highlighted this. Another striking feature was the diversity of the works, both in subject and media, while all following the two themes of peace and remembrance.

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