Hold on to Peace - Image courtesy Ira Mitchell-Kirk

Hold on to Peace - Image courtesy Ira Mitchell-Kirk

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Useful Links for Artists

An email from one of the artists working towards the May 2014 exhibition prompted me to publish research links for others to read as well. These are all published below in good faith with no copyright breach intended.

Recommended background information and excellent images of the conditions the battles were fought in, the first twenty minutes of Jim Greenhough's excellent 2003 documentary produced for the 50th Commemorations is now available on YoutTube :
A Kiwi Nightmare - the Battles of Monte Cassino. A documentary by Execam

The story, and plight of the women in the region is told in the oscar-winning Sophia Loren film La Ciociara (English title Two Women), highly recommended viewing. Available (in segments) on Youtube, may also be full version available. Click on this link. for Part 1 of the movie.

The famous John Huston documentary The Battle of San Pietro (Infine) was named as one of the most important 100 films made in America last century.

Detailed research in a major publication with many photographs and a well referenced text. The Battles for Monte Cassino Then and Now  By New Zealand authors Jeffrey Plowman and Perry Rowe.

New Zealand Official War Historieonline at NZETC  (Electronic Texts collection)

The Years Back - The Italian Campaign: a 1973 NZonscreen documentary. Footage of conditions gives a clear picture of fighting in mud and snow.  And in Cassino itself then onwards up through Italy, the documentary continues.

Ron Crosby's excellent book ALBANETA Lost Opportunity at Cassino which tells the lesser known story of Cavendish Road.

Documentary or newsreel film: Unveiling of the memorials at the Commonwealth Cemetery, 1956, some other footage, in Cassino Remembrance, by AP Archive.

New Zealand War Graves Project
Photo: The War Graves Project, http://nzwargraves.org.nz/cemeteries/cassino-memorial

Web links: Associazione Battaglia di Cassino Centro Studi e Ricerche  FB page, excellent photographs filed under different folder headings. Dal Volturno a Cassino research site with some articles in English. 

The best research, however, will always be talking to those who were here, and those who were waiting at home. Artists who have made work for earlier Legato exhibitions have described their involvement, and their research, as "life-changing". Legato becomes a catalyst for conversations that have been waiting to happen.

Artists are reminded that the themes are peace and commemoration, and that works of any genre may be submitted for consideration. If you are interested in joining the 2014 artists exhibiting in Cassino please contact the organiser and curator, Kay de Lautour, at:
legato.exhibitions @ g mail . com (without the spaces)

To read more of the history of Legato and find other useful links please scroll down two posts (22 August)  or click here to go directly to that link.

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